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Lorne Hwang


Lorne Hwang is the Director of Global Education for MegaGen Implant Company located in Daegu, South Korea, and was previously the Senior Advisor for International Affairs at Kyungpook National University in South Korea.



Dr. Claire Fyvie

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Claire Fyvie is a Clinical Psychologist who founded the Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is also a mental health consultant for the Scottish Government and lectures at the University of Edinburgh. 


Dr. Alison Pearce

Marketing Specialist

Dr. Alison Pearce is an Associate Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship at Northumbria University, UK. She also spent 15 years living and working internationally in marketing, design and product development and running her own marketing and design consultancy.


Dr. Troy Fuhriman

Attorney at Law

Dr. Troy Fuhriman is an Associate Professor of Law at Kyungpook National University. He also specializes in financial derivatives and risk assessment, practiced as a Wall Street attorney, and was recently seconded to work as lead counsel for the US Export Import Bank.   

The 3rd KNU


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the university sector has applied a variety of online strategies to engage students and keep their studies on track. As such, we have all participated in multiple online seminars, sharing our successful practices and experiences and giving ourselves a pat on the back!

However, in most cases, universities are protected entities and not vulnerable to total failure. Many universities receive government support and some are even national institutions, so survival is essentially guaranteed, albeit with some belt-tightening. But what about OUTSIDE?

Worldwide, pandemic lockdowns have resulted in businesses closing, livelihoods gone, people losing their homes, and untold emotional suffering. Yet, with every dark moment, it is also an important opportunity to find new solutions and perspectives, especially when everything, including survival, is on the line….

Therefore, our three guest speakers will share case studies and insights on what universities can learn from frontline pandemic strategies, including the risk analysis tactics of the sports world, the new personalized online marketing focus for advertising, and the growing importance of mental health awareness as a regular standard of care for both staff and students.            


Student and Staff Mental Health Strategies


Personalized Online Marketing Focus

Risk Analysis Tactics of the Sports World

KNU Promotional Media

Conference Attendee Promotional Media

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