October 14, 2020

DR. Sang-dong KIM



Hello and thank you for participating in this latest conference. We at Kyungpook National University look forward to hosting and contributing. These are challenging times and finding solutions to new problems means it takes partnerships like ours to build successful bridges to the future. Together, we will make the difference. 

Kyungpook National University


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October, 14
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16:00 ~ 18:00

Daegu, South Korea Time

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Lorne Hwang


Lorne Hwang is the Director of Global Education for MegaGen Implant Company located in Daegu, South Korea, and was previously the Senior Advisor for International Affairs at Kyungpook National University in South Korea. Originally from the UK, Lorne Hwang has been working in South Korea for over 20 years, with extensive experience in both the university sector and private industry. Harboring a special interest in innovative strategies promoting international student mobility and intercultural employability, she has been responsible for initiating and developing a variety of successful collaborative projects between South Korea, the EU, and the US Army stationed in Korea. She received her law degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.



Samuel Ang

Vigneshree King

Regional Director (Asia) | QS Intelligence Unit  QS Quacquarelli Symonds

Director, International Student Centre, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia


September 2020 and beyond: Insights from Current and Prospective International Students (findings from the QS Coronavirus Student Survey).


The way forward with Virtual Exchanges and Linkages

Dustin Waters

International Program Advisor for the Office of International Affairs at Kyungpook National University


Continued Internationalization Amid the Pandemic Business as (un)Usual

What does learning look like now? 

The higher education landscape has changed dramatically in 2020. With coronavirus cases rising globally, many institutions are starting a new academic year under tightening restrictions and growing uncertainty.In this presentation, current students detail how learning and study have been affected by the coronavirus crisis and what this means for them on a day to day basis. 


How are universities addressing the crisis? 

Beyond what the destination country is asking international students to do, universities are also implementing measures to protect students and staff. When asked which measures their university was implementing to limit the spread of the coronavirus on campus, unsurprisingly, the most popular measure was to move as many classes online as possible. However, universities are also making face coverings essential (57%) and ensuring hand gel is widely available (56%)in significant numbers.

Having served the University in various departments over the last 18 years, she is well acquainted with the managing of mobility programmes. She was appointed to lead in the organizing of the 8th APRU Undergraduate Summer Programme which involved the participation of 60 students from 17 APRU member universities. During her tenure at ISC since 2012, there has been a drastic increase of mobility students for both inbound and outbound.  Universiti Malaya proudly has been on the top spot for the Inbound and Outbound category under the QS University Rankings: Asia for a few consecutive years.

During the pandemic, he has been an integral part of the team, implementing diverse and targeted measures to ensure the International Office maintains and grows its highest quality standing with its partners. This vantage point has given him unique access to the specialized coordinators of each facet of the development and continued internationalization push, including efforts made in the backdrop of COVID-19.




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CSU Bakersfield, USA

CSU Bakersfield, USA

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Ecole d'ingénieurs PURPAN, France
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